Updates from Doug Gibson

Doug Gibson has been roaming the country promoting his book, Stories about Storytellers: Publishing Alice Munro, Robertson Davies, Alistair MacLeod, Pierre Trudeau and Others. He does it through a one-man stage show (with portraits by Tony Jenkins) which he previewed aboard our Adventure Canada cruise around Scotland last May.

So far his 25 on-land performances have taken him around Canada, including Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Banff, Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Montreal, Windsor, Sarnia , London, Guelph, St. Catharines, Kingston, Burlington, Port Colborne  (a standing ovation from 300 wise attendees!) and Edmonton again. After shows in Toronto clubs like the B&R, The York Club, and the Cricket, Skating and Curling Club, he even did a commercial  Toronto gig in an Ossington Street cabaret!

Recent  shows were in Peterborough, Uxbridge, Barrie and Arnprior, with a busy summer coming up involving Saskatchewan and BC’s Sunshine Coast, and a bunch of events in the fall. It’s a whole new career as a performer, and he meets lots of AC friends along the way!

Not everything is great, of course. When he went to chat with a Book Club Group at a distinguished Toronto Club he told Jane that he wouldn’t sell many books, but it would be fun, and of course he would sign the copies of his book that the members brought along. Sure enough, at the end of the evening the lady next to him put the book she was carrying in front of him to sign.
It was a library book!

You’ll be glad to know that it remained unsigned.

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