Upcoming Arctic Nuts & Bolts Sessions!

Have you been thinking about enjoying the splendours of the Arctic?  Join us for an information session on the nuts and bolts of Arctic travel.  How to get there?  What to expect? What to wear? Join us at one of our upcoming events to meet our team, learn about outstanding travel opportunities in Canada and have some fun!


April 18    @ Canmore Public Library, Canmore  (with AC staffer Jerry Kobalenko)- 5:30 pm

April 20    @ University of Calgary, Calgary (with AC staffer Jerry Kobalenko)- 7:00 pm

May 4      @ Atwater Library, Montreal – 6:30 pm

May 5      @ Valberg Imaging, Ottawa – 7:00 pm

May 10    @ Fort Garry Hotel, Edmonton – 7:00 pm

May 12    @ Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver – 7:00 pm

May 14    @ Victoria Central Library, Victoria – 2:00pm

May 24    @ Prince George Hotel, Halifax – 7:00 pm

June 13   @ The Horticultural Society, New York – 7:00 pm


RSVP for each event is necessary.  Please send an email to rsvp@adventurecanada.com (Please put the location in the subject line) or phone 1-800-363-7566. 

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