The mystery of Abraham Ulrikab

Abraham Ulrikab was one of eight Inuit from Labrador who came to a tragic end in Europe in the late 1800s.

Having been taken across the Atlantic to feature in ‘ethnographic exhibitions,’ later known as ‘human zoos,’ two families of Inuit who had not been vaccinated all perished; three in Germany, and five, including Abraham, in Paris.

Their story, however, did not die. Abraham Ulrikab’s diary told much of the sad tale, and it was later published, first in German, and most recently, in English.

Inspired by a trip to Hebron, Labrador, researcher France Rivet became fascinated by the continuing mystery of Albraham Ulrikab, and has made it a mission to find out more.

A recent article in the Telegram describes Rivet’s current effort to ‘crowdfund’ her research by asking members of the public to contribute.

Rivet hopes to discover where Abraham and his family died and were buried in Paris. Here’s hoping we all learn a little more from her efforts.

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