The Moravian Church and the Labradorian Inuit – A National Historic Event

Hebron, NLIt’s not a site you can visit, a person you can read about, or a date in history, but the federal government is designating the relationship between the Moravian church and the Inuit in Labrador a national historic event. The Moravian’s put down strong roots here by learning and promoting the Inuktitut language. Much of that relationship is still alive today.

Moravian church member Joan Andersen in Makkovik is proud of the partnership and recognition from Parks Canada and we’ll be visiting her home town on this year’s Greenland and Wild Labrador program.. As the Moravian experience is recognized as a national event, efforts of heritage communities in Nain and Hopedale will certainly heighten.

Explore the former Moravian Mission at Hebron during our Greenland and Wild Labrador Program. For more information, please click here or email Sheryl,

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