Living Right: Be More like a Polar Bear

It’s not every day that a polar bear teaches you how to live a better life.

But Adventure Canada passengers enjoyed just such a day in the Canadian Arctic recently, as everyone aboard the Sea Adventurer was treated to great wildlife sightings, including eight of the iconic bears and fifteen walrus.

Polar Bear at Play

One juvenile Polar Bear in particular took time to pose for photos and play around on the ice. Perhaps some of us read too much into it, but it seemed as if he was trying to teach us a thing or two about enjoying the ‘bear necessities’ of life.

After all, the bear was obviously enjoying a great daily routine. He was well-rested, ate healthy and natural food, played outdoors in the fresh air when he wanted and got plenty of exercise.

Well-Rested Polar Bear

By contrast, thinking of returning home to our regular routines, human life seemed so dull. Most of us spend too much time working, instead of playing. We eat processed foods, instead of natural healthy foods. We sit at desks and in front of TVs, instead of enjoying the outdoors and exercising.

Exercising Polar Bear

So, with that, we encourage you all to be more like a polar bear! Be active, eat healthy and enjoy the outdoors.

Photos courtesy of Franz Wusits, Hotel Manager, M/V Sea Adventurer

A walrus in Scotland

Here’s something the residents of North Ronaldsay, Orkney don’t see every day: a walrus taking a nap on the local beach.

Apparently walrus haven’t been spotted in this part of Scotland for twenty years, but this guy must have missed the memo.

We can’t help thinking he’s sleeping off a hangover. Mind you, given the quality of the whiskeys and ales of the isles, we think that’s an understandable condition to be in.

The Guardian reports the walrus headed back to sea after his nap, hopefully none the worse for wear.

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