Cruise Nunavut

This gorgeous video from Canada’s North will look familiar to many AC guests: it was shot aboard our beloved ship, Sea Adventurer.

In fact you can see the AC flag flying from the mast!

If you’ve cruised Nunavut before, you’ll know the magic. If you haven’t, well, maybe this is your year.

Join us for one of these amazing Nunavut cruises:
Heart of the Arctic, June 24 – July 6, 2013
Into the Northwest Passage, Aug. 6 – Aug. 20, 2013
Out of the Northwest Passage, Aug. 20 – Sept. 5, 2013

Inspired by Iceland, indeed

If you’ve never thought about visiting Iceland before, we bet you’re thinking about it now.


This quirky, catchy video presents the island nation superbly as a natural wonder, filled with wonderful, natural people. Great visuals, catchy tune – you can’t watch this just once.


Inspired by Iceland, indeed!


Visit Iceland on our Scotland to Greenland voyage this summer, June 12 – June 24, 2013