Happy Birthday, Margaret Atwood

AtwoodShe’s Canada’s foremost writer and one of the most decorated authors of our time. She’s won far too many awards to list. She’s an inventor, a founder, a visionary, an advocate, and a keen commentator on the foibles of our time. She embraces technology while maintaining an old-fashioned sense of dignity and decorum. And today is her birthday!

Margaret Atwood has travelled with Adventure Canada on no fewer than seven trips. This coming July, Margaret and her partner Graeme Gibson join us for their eighth voyage, on board our sailing to Newfoundland and Wild Labrador.

As Honorary Co-Chairs of BirdLife International’s Rare Bird Club, they’ll be scanning the horizon for the spectacular viewings of wild seabirds that are one of the highlights of the Labrador coast in the early summer.

Meanwhile, we wish Margaret many happy returns, endless flights of fancy, and a glass of fine wine as she celebrates another trip around the sun.

Atwood and Gibson: for the love of birds


Tonight, Friday June 21, members of the Adventure Canada team will have the privilege of joining celebrated authors Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson at BirdLife International‘s
90th Anniversary Gala Celebration Dinner in Ottawa.

Ms. Atwood and Mr. Gibson are co-chairs of the event, and appropriately so. Their shared passion for our feathered friends is manifest in their tireless work in aid of awareness and conservation of avian species.

Adventure Canada is proud to sponsor the gala with an auction donation of two berths aboard our Newfoundland and Wild Labrador sailing next spring. And we are absolutely delighted to announce that Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson will join the lucky winners, and the rest of our guests, aboard that same sailing.

As special guests of Adventure Canada, the two authors will undoubtedly regale their fellow cruise passengers with stories collected during their careers amid Canada’s literati. As dedicated birders, they’ll also enjoy the opportunity to observe numerous seabird species, at a peak time of year for viewing.

Perhaps most importantly, these two beloved Canadian literary figures will have the chance to share their passion and concern for the plight of birds worldwide with their fellow passengers. We are proud to join them in their efforts—for the love of birds!