A (bottlenose) whale of a tale

bottle nosed whales (1)

A unique wildlife encounter is the highlight of any Adventure Canada cruise, and on the recent Heart of the Arctic voyage, one curious – and rare – creature stood out from the rest.

Crossing the Davis Strait, we were approached by some northern bottlenose whales who obligingly “posed” for photos for more than 30 minutes.

These unusual whales are similar to bottlenose dolphins. We were all able to stare down at their big, bulbous melons and pointy beaks. These unique features help them dive to great depths while hunting their favourite food: squid.

bottle nosed whales (3)

The whales danced around the Sea Adventurer, sometimes swimming upside down right beside us, to get a better look at us strangers. The encounter, in the middle of the open sea, was a true highlight for all aboard, made even more special by the fact that so little is known about this species.

This northern bottlenose whale siting was a first for most people onboard, even those with years of Arctic expedition experience.

bottle nosed whales (2)

One very well-travelled guest, Mary Curry from Adventure Life, said this was “the single most incredible wildlife sighting I’ve ever seen!”

Which goes to show you never know what surprises await in the Arctic. You might say, this sighting was a fluke.

bottle nosed whales (5)

Photos courtesy Franz Wusitz, Hotel Manager, Sea Adventurer.

Heart of the Arctic: for lovers (of adventure)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just like the guests in this beautiful video, we’re born romantics at Adventure Canada.

And nothing’s more romantic to us than the Heart of the Arctic.

Travelling in style on a journey from coastal Greenland, to Iqaluit, beneath a summer sun that never leaves the sky, makes an ideal getaway for lovers—of adventure.

Seabirds swirl, polar bears prowl, whales wallow in the water the water—and awestruck adventurers experience the trip of a lifetime among magnificent icebergs beneath and endless skies.

That’s our idea of a perfect Valentine.

Heart of the Arctic runs from June 24 – July 6, 2013.