Polar Bear Sightings: Some Guidelines

Polar bear sightings can be a highlight of our expeditions, and we do our best to visit areas where bears can safely be seen. We must, however, be aware that the polar bear is a predatory animal. We must also be mindful that the polar bear is vulnerable; as a responsible tour operator, we are committed to avoid disturbing all wildlife.Polar Bear, South Baffin

Select licensed and experienced members of our expedition team will be outfitted with firearms and other deterrents to ensure the safety of our group, as well as that of the bears. It is imperative to adhere to the instructions of the expedition team, and safe behaviour around polar bears is part of your responsibility as a visitor. The following are our guidelines to ensure safe and responsible interaction with the world’s largest land predator:

• We will never follow or approach a swimming polar bear, from any angle.
• We will position our Zodiacs so they may be operated in a safe and controlled manner.
• We will maintain a minimum distance of thirty metres between polar bears and our Zodiacs.
• We will always increase our distance from polar bears should they demonstrate any signs of distress.
• If you spot a polar bear, stay calm and immediately inform a member of the expedition team.
• Never approach a bear for any reason
• Never stray from your group.
• Never leave food or garbage anywhere.
• Always follow the direction of the expedition team.

Polar Bear at PlayThese guidelines will ensure that our encounters with the majestic polar bear will be moments to treasure forever. There is something unforgettable about seeing a polar bear striding across the Arctic landscape or dismembering a fresh kill along the shore of a rocky fjord. They are truly an embodiment of the spirit of the north–and, with our respect, will hopefully remain so for generations to come.

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