International Polar Bear Day

We weren’t sure what to get you, our readers and guests, for International Polar Bear Day. They say it’s the thought that counts, so here are some polar bear related thoughts for today.

For a start, here’s a link to a good article, Polar Bear politics in Canada’s Arctic. It summarizes some of the issues surrounding polar bears, noting both their symbolic role in discussions of climate change, and their important place in Inuit culture.

If you were wondering what to give for this special occasion, here’s a simple suggestion, courtesy Polar Bears International: turn down your thermostat. (Or turn it up, if you live in a hot climate.) The idea being that if we all heat, or cool our homes just two degrees less, the resulting energy reduction will go some ways toward reducing climate change.

And for a real eye-opener, check out these intense polar bear pictures on Strombo‘s site from BBC wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan, who spent 40 minutes getting closer to a polar bear than just about anybody would ever want to be.

Polar bears are very important to us and our guests, as well as our many friends in the North: viewing these mighty mammals is an exciting and meaningful part of many of our trips. Happy International Polar Bear to you, and here’s to many, many more.

Selected trips with polar bear viewing opportunities:
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Baffin Island Floe Edge: Narwhals & Polar Bears
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