Haida Gwaii Update from Carol Heppenstall

 Our Haida Gwaii trip gets better every time and this year was no exception. Fourteen clients – some Adventure Canada veterans and others new to our family embarked on this extraordinary journey to one of the world’s most sacred landscapes. Our Island Roamer ship staff were fabulous – haute cuisine from the galley, a diving marine biologist who introduced us to most of the species of the intertidal world and a captain – par excellence – who knew where all the wildlife was and found it!

We saw humpback whales spy-hopping and dolphins (two types) in the hundreds. Rookeries revealed puffins and murres and ocean currents brought sooty shearwaters, petrols and the black footed albatross. Did I mention the ancient forests? There is simply nothing that compares to this experience.

Perhaps the most profound moments occurred when we met the watchmen stationed at the abandoned village sites. These are men and women who live on site during the summer greeting visitors, sharing the history of the place and allowing quiet time for guests to chat with members of the Haida nation. It was a pleasure introducing this special place to my guests – Howa – thank you!

– Carol Heppenstall

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