Galapagos reflections


Scottish-Argentine-Canadian songstress Alejandra Ribera joined our trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands as an entertainer for the first time this spring. Joining at the last minute, Alejandra rose to the occasion like a veteran!

Here are Alejandra’s reflections on an incredible experience, and a selection of her stunning photos.

I couldn’t have painted it. As I sift through the photos taken during our trip to the Galapagos I can’t help but shake my head and wonder – how it is possible we could have experienced such rare beauty .. and in such a condensed time frame?


You would think we would have had to camp out for months on end to witness a dance between courting blue-footed boobies, the bobbing heads of playful sea lion pups who nudged our feet at the edge of the Zodiac, a serene owl, a meditative iguana stretched out under a cactus tree sprouting from charcoal-black lava rock.


It seemed to defy logic that any life could thrive so gracefully in a place that at first appeared barren. Talking about this trip to friends since I’ve come home has made me feel a bit like a religious witness. I’m trying to describe something that is indescribable.

sea lion

I am deeply grateful that I was lucky enough to live this trip with an group of fellow travellers who were equally awestruck and humbled at the magnitude of the beauty. This group was so welcoming and enthusiastic. Playing for them was an absolute delight. I remember at one point thinking “We’ve walked through a lava cave together. Well I’ve never done that with an audience before! A couple of us even snorkelled past the same hammer-head shark this afternoon!”

It was the most unique performance experience I’ve ever had … not excluding trying to stand up-right whilst singing on a boat rocking back and forth! The Galapagos have changed me. The guides led us with us with care. They shared their passion and expertise ensuring that our experience would not just be one of wonder but discernment, greater understanding and true appreciation for the environment we inhabited those 9 days.


Thank you for this trip of a lifetime. I look forward to one day sharing the songs this experience inspired.

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