Featured Destination: Santa Fe

by Carol Heppenstall

There is never a wrong time to visit the city different – Santa Fe. 2012 however, adds some additional spice to your time here as the State of New Mexico celebrates 100 years of statehood. They have rolled out the red carpet for visitors and Santa Fe, the capital city has outdone itself with cultural events, great food and more.

Most people do not know that Santa Fe was first a Native American pueblo tracing its history back some 2000 years. When the Spanish arrived in 1598 and claimed the territory for Spain, it was ruled from abroad and considered part of the Mexican Territories. When Mexico claimed independence from Spain in 1821it belonged to Mexico until it was claimed as an American territory without incident in 1852. Finally, deemed “respectable” it was granted statehood in 1912.

Just imagine the heritage of such a place – older than the settlements of the Pilgrims and as culturally rich as the Canadian colonies of the New World.

Join me in my chosen terra firma for an insider’s look at this remarkable “small town” where the footsteps of history are still evident and celebrated.

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