Don’t miss your chance to see the rare Ivory & Ross’ Gull

Ivory GullAdventurers, keep your eyes peeled for two rare seabirds when you are on your expeditions this summer.  The Ivory Gull is an iconic, truly Arctic bird that is now listed as endangered in Canada, but is often seen on our cruises.  It is unmistakable with black legs and pure white feathers.  The Ross’s Gull is even less common, although it is listed as threatened, and is a real prize for bird watchers.  It is the rarest breeding gull in North America, and is distinguished by bright, reddish-orange legs and a distinct black scarf around its neck.  Both gulls breed in the High Arctic, but depending on the year, can be observed on any of our cruises in Nunavut.

Our Arctic Quest will be a highlight for birders with numerous stops planned at breeding colonies. Space is filing quickly! Email Matthew James today:

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