Danny Catt in Asia in Search of Lions & Tigers & Bears – Oh My!

Adventure Canada photographer and resource staff member Danny Catt, is on the road in Asia on a third educational journey, ‘Catt-Trax 3’.

Danny left for Asia 10 days ago and after a quick stop in Kathmandu he made his way overland to Lhasa.

It has been an amazing week, first crossing a few 5000 metre passes, then visiting Tibetan monasteries (some with more than 900 monks studying, praying and learning the philosophy of Buddhism). Danny visited the Potala Palace a couple of days ago and fulfilled a life long dream to visit the residence of the Dalai Lama.

Danny has just flown to Chengdu in Sichuan province this morning to search for Giant Pandas and later this week he is presenting at the World Congress of Biodiversity in Xian.
Way to go Danny!

Follow the Catt-Trax Journey (March to June 2012)
Twitter: @CattTrax3

Join Danny on our 2012 Arctic Safari! For more information, please click here or email Sheryl Saint.

Hot off the Press – Charting Yellowstone Wolves by Jim Halfpenny!

Track the genealogy of your favorite wolf and pack since the beginning!

Charting Yellowstone wolves: the pictoral record of the greatest wildlife management experiment of the 20th century, Wolf Restoration to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
Contained within is the complete collection of all annual laminated wolf charts produced since the beginning.

Now you can trace the genealogy of your favorite wolves and packs with your own complete permanent record of all 46 charts.

Also included are detailed records of the founders and their fates. Supplemental materials include range maps for the Ecosystem through 2011.

To order your copy, please click here.

Join Jim on our 2012 Epic High Arctic Expedition. For more information, please click here or email Matthew James, sheryl@adventurecanada.com

The Moravian Church and the Labradorian Inuit – A National Historic Event

Hebron, NLIt’s not a site you can visit, a person you can read about, or a date in history, but the federal government is designating the relationship between the Moravian church and the Inuit in Labrador a national historic event. The Moravian’s put down strong roots here by learning and promoting the Inuktitut language. Much of that relationship is still alive today.

Moravian church member Joan Andersen in Makkovik is proud of the partnership and recognition from Parks Canada and we’ll be visiting her home town on this year’s Greenland and Wild Labrador program.. As the Moravian experience is recognized as a national event, efforts of heritage communities in Nain and Hopedale will certainly heighten.

Explore the former Moravian Mission at Hebron during our Greenland and Wild Labrador Program. For more information, please click here or email Sheryl,

Torngat Base Camp!

Torngat Base Camp at Sunset

Adventure Canada is thrilled to present two intimate experiences on Labrador’s wild and stunningly beautiful Northern coast. This Inuit homeland is also Canada’s newest National Park, the Torngat Mountains. Inuit legend holds that in these mountains everything – the rock, the soil, the air – has a spirit – and we say, it’s where you can find yours.

The Torngat Mountains have been home to Inuit and their predecessors for thousands of years. The spectacular wilderness of this National Park comprises 9,700 km2 of the Northern Labrador Mountains natural region. The park extends from Saglek Fjord in the south, including all islands and islets, to the very northern tip of Labrador; and from the provincial boundary with Quebec in the west, to the iceberg-choked waters of the Labrador Sea in the east. The mountain peaks along the border with Quebec are the highest in mainland Canada east of the Rockies, and are dotted with remnant glaciers. Polar bears hunt seals along the coast, and both the Torngat Mountains and George River caribou herds cross paths as they migrate to and from their calving grounds.

Hosted by Adventure Canada guide extraordinaire, Mike Beedell, and a team of Inuit expedition professionals and scientists from Nunatsiavut and Parks Canada, our two excursions offer exciting opportunities for both the advanced and moderate adventurer and are designed to give you an up-close look into the life, culture and wilderness of this Northern world.

For more info, visit our new site here or email Matthew James.

Arctic Visions by Steve Gorman

As a special offer to the Adventure Canada family–and to get the 2012 season off to a great start– Epic High Arctic photographer Stephen Gorman is making his award winning photo book Arctic Visions -Encounters at the Top of the World available for $22.50 –a 25% discount off of the $30 list price- and also providing free shipping!

To order a signed copy, please contact Stephen directly at 802-649-8789 or steve@stephengorman.com.

Please join him for the Epic High Arctic adventure August 9-19 aboard the Clipper Adventurer! For more information,please click here or email Matthew James,matt.james@adventurecanada.com.

Dancing Through History

Some people travel to discover a country’s cuisine, others for the wildlife. Lori Henry travels to learn about a culture through its traditional dances. In Canada, hundreds of ethnicities have made the country their home and Lori crosses the vast terrain to learn how some of their traditions and lifestyles have evolved through dance.

In Nunavut, Lori visits the Alianait Arts Festival in Iqaluit to learn Inuit drum dancing and throat singing. Although her throat singing sounded a bit like Kermit the Frog, she got the hang of drum dancing through the workshops led by Kugluktuk dancer, Dettrick Hala. She also reminisces about her last trip with Adventure Canada along the Eastern Coast of Baffin Island, weaving bits of that adventure into her narrative, and speaks extensively with regular AC leader, John Houston, about growing up in Cape Dorset.

Congrats Lori!

Check out Lori’s book here:www.LoriHenry.ca/DancingThroughHistory.

Join us on our upcoming Alianait Arts Festival program, June 28 – July 5, 2012. For more information, please click here or contact Matthew James at matt.james@adventurecanada.com

Updates from Doug Gibson

Doug Gibson has been roaming the country promoting his book, Stories about Storytellers: Publishing Alice Munro, Robertson Davies, Alistair MacLeod, Pierre Trudeau and Others. He does it through a one-man stage show (with portraits by Tony Jenkins) which he previewed aboard our Adventure Canada cruise around Scotland last May.

So far his 25 on-land performances have taken him around Canada, including Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Banff, Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Montreal, Windsor, Sarnia , London, Guelph, St. Catharines, Kingston, Burlington, Port Colborne  (a standing ovation from 300 wise attendees!) and Edmonton again. After shows in Toronto clubs like the B&R, The York Club, and the Cricket, Skating and Curling Club, he even did a commercial  Toronto gig in an Ossington Street cabaret!

Recent  shows were in Peterborough, Uxbridge, Barrie and Arnprior, with a busy summer coming up involving Saskatchewan and BC’s Sunshine Coast, and a bunch of events in the fall. It’s a whole new career as a performer, and he meets lots of AC friends along the way!

Not everything is great, of course. When he went to chat with a Book Club Group at a distinguished Toronto Club he told Jane that he wouldn’t sell many books, but it would be fun, and of course he would sign the copies of his book that the members brought along. Sure enough, at the end of the evening the lady next to him put the book she was carrying in front of him to sign.
It was a library book!

You’ll be glad to know that it remained unsigned.

Interested in the arts? Join us our floating arts workshop on our Greenland and Wild Labrador Expedition. For more information, please click here or email Sheryl, sheryl@adventurecanada.com.

Jeff Molloy: Due North

Adventure Canada Adventurers are invited to the opening of Jeff Molloy: Due North. Jeff’s work has its roots in Canadian lore. Old canoe paddles, hockey sweaters, mixed media cabinets that are portrayals of Canadian legends, maple leaf flags hanging from old farm fragments and his infamous Hudson Bay point blanket paintings…they all tell Canada’s rugged northern story in compelling colour and dimensions.

Jeff Molloy’s work has been capturing the spirit of Canada long before the rest of the world caught on during the Olympics. He is one of this country’s leading editorial artists and one of the most original artists at work in Canada today. The Metis poet Gregory Scofield says “Jeff Molloy’s exquisite work is very powerful medicine…his work captures the spirit.”

Due North is open to the public. Reception hosted by Shelagh Rogers:

Friday – June 1st 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

at The Artscape Triangle Gallery 38 Abell St, Toronto.

Show runs May 30th – June 3rd, 2012 W


Save the Date! AC Mini-Expedition and Reunion – November 13

Captain Matthew FlindersIn Adventure Canada’s first annual Mini-Expedition and Reunion, we will be taking to the waters of the Toronto Harbour. Join us on Sunday afternoon, November 13, 2011 aboard the fabulous Captain Matthew Flinders (Swan). 
This Mini-Expedition is open to everyone, please feel free to bring your friends! Boarding time is 2pm, sailing at 2:30, retuning to the dock at Queen’s Quay for 6:30pm – disembark for 7pm. 
Tickets are just $20 for Cabin Category 10 (there are no other categories… nor are there cabins) making this the most affordable Adventure Canada Expedition of all time! 
The 5-hour expedition will include:
  • Daily Program, Reading and Clothing lists
  • Expedition cruising around Toronto Harbour
  • Mini Lectures from AC Expedition staff
  • Live performances from some of AC’s favourite musicians
  • Dancing
  • Fabulous AC-style prizes
  • Dancercise (see below) 
  • Daily recap 
  • Lunch!
For more info on the ship, please click here.
Space is limited to 200 guests, is on a first-come basis, and this is going to be a serious amount of fun!
Please confirm your attendance by calling our office at 1-800-363-7566, 905-271-4000 or email us at rsvp@adventurecanada.com

New 2012 International Brochure in the mail featuring New Zealand!


Our new brochure has been released and is in the mail right now, hopefully en route to you! If we don’t have you mailing address and you’d like to receive the new 2012 International Brochure, please do send us an email or give us a call, we’d be happy to get one in the mail to you!


Inside you’ll find our new offerings, including our New Zealand voyage aboard the Oceanic Discoverer, and a new instalment of our Celtic Quest, our Circumnavigation of Ireland aboard the Clipper Adventurer. 


Can’t wait? You can get a look at the brochure right now by clicking here!

Mission: Arctic Clean-Up

Arctic Cleanup

Adventurers on Greenland & Wild Labrador got a first hand look at Adventure Canada’s Arctic Clean-Up Mission along the Torngat Mountains National Park in Northern Labrador. This project, in partnership with Parks Canada, involved identifying over 80 sites within the Torngat Mountains National Park that contained garbage, including hundreds of old fuel drums. Due to the materials found on these sites, extensive testing was conducted for possible contamination and removing the contamination and garbage from the park.


The coast of Labrador is a favourite destination among the Adventure Canada staff, and Adventure Canada jumped at the opportunity to help clean up the park. On September 23, Adventure Canada removed over 150 fuel drums onto the Clipper Adventurer, bringing them south so that they could be responsibly disposed of.

The clean-up mission will continue next year. In total over 40,000 lbs of garbage and fuel drums was removed from the park and surrounding Nunatsiavut through a partnership with Cruise North in 2010 and Adventure Canada in 2011.


Missed out this year? We’re booking our 2012 Greenland and Wild Labrador program now. Click here for more info!

Tom Barlow Releases New Album

Barlow Album Cover

AC Canada staff member Tom Barlow (know in the industry as "Barlow") has just released his new album "Burning Days".  The first single ‘Steal Like A Billionaire’ is a satiric look at the global financial crisis and features a music video shot, in part, on the Clipper Adventurer during the recent AC trip to Greenland and Labrador.  The video features several of the trip’s staff and passengers.  To have a listen to  the album or to purchase it click on this link.


You can check out the video on YouTube by clicking here.

Doug Gibson’s Book Hits Stores and his Show Goes on the Road!

Doug Gibson - Storytellers - Cover


The book, STORIES ABOUT STORYTELLERS: Publishing Alice Munro, Robertson Davies, Alistair MacLeod, Pierre Trudeau, and Others, is now available

everywhere, published by ECW Press (ISBN : 978-1-77041-068-8 ), and aided by fine reviews in the National Post ("He has a fine authorial voice, conversational in tone, like the best storytellers") and the Winnipeg Free

Press ("Delightful.") 


Meanwhile his travelling one-man show, with precisely the same title, is hitting the road in October with the following dates:


Vancouver Writers’ Festival, October 18

Victoria, October 19

Toronto Harbourfront I.F.O.A., October 22

Ottawa Writers’ Festival, October Sunday 23.


Precise details of these performances are give at his website, www.douglasgibsonbooks.com.

along with details of his November visits.


More to come! 


All members of the Adventure Canada clan are very welcome at all of these events, when the author’s hand-shaking and book-signing hand will be in fine shape.

Virtual Exhibition Part Two: Realm of the Polar Bear

Houston Bear

Houston North Gallery’s second virtual exhibition presents a selection of 30 recent sculptures from Nunavut inspired by the magnificence of the polar bear.  Do come in and have a look around!  Also visit (or revisit) our first virtual exhibition, "The Spirit World," which will continue through October.


Please click here to visit the Realm of the Polar Bear Exhibition.



Ian Tamblyn Produces CD from Out of the Northwest Passage and Greenland Labrador Voyages

Ian Tamblyn

Ian Tamblyn is busy working on the CD from Out the NWP and the Greenland and Wild Labrador Voyages.  In total there will be 17 songs –  includes all requests by signed up passengers. For those still wishing to purchase this "gem" email Ian here and include your mailing address and a cd will come to you. 

For those who have already ordered, it should be in the mail next week!  


Bowhead Whales United by Climate Change

Adventure Canada travellers are now familiar with the fact that climate change is taking place at a rapid pace in Canadian Arctic waters.  For the past decade, and particularly this year, summer ice cover has been at an all time low in Parry Channel, the northern route of the famed Northwest Passage through the Canadian Arctic archipelago.  

Up till now, the Beaufort Sea bowhead whale population was thought to be separated by heavy Central Arctic summer ice from the other North American bowhead whale population, which summers around Baffin Island.  Well, the heavy summer ice cover no longer exists and last summer Greenland and Alaskan biologists, using satellite-linked tracking devices, watched in amazement the tracks of two whales, one from the Beaufort Sea, the other from Baffin Island waters, track into Viscount Melville Sound and share that passage for a period of ten days.  

Add to that this summer’s observation of narwhals near Cambridge Bay, a rare occurrence for a species normally summering at least 400 kilometres east of that community.  Both events are unusual and they raise a broader question: are these exceptional or are entire populations of Arctic whales changing their distribution in response to receding summer ice. Continued research is required to establish that.


Experience the Arctic fr yourself next summer, there is still plenty of selection on ourEpic High Arctic program. Click here for more info!


Inuit Art Auction is a First!

Cape Dorest Unknown Artist


Walker’s Fine Art & Estate Auctioneers mounts its first Inuit art auction in Ottawa on November 13th. The auction includes 300 Inuit works from important estates and collections including the estate of John and Mary Robertson, pioneer dealers of Inuit art, and the collection of Norman Hallendy, ethnogeographer and author of two fascinating books on inuksuit. Mr. Hallendy will present an illustrated talk at each of the previews. The auction also presents 100 First Nations, Oceanic and African art works.


The Inuit art includes important sculptures from the 1950s, 1960s and beyond, a fine group of prints and drawings, and a stunning collection of early ivories. All works were researched and catalogued by Ingo Hessel, author of Inuit Art: An Introduction and co-curator of Inuit Modern: Art from the Samuel and Esther Collection at the AGO.


Toronto preview:      November 5-6


Ottawa preview:       November 12-13


Live auction:            Ottawa, Sunday, November 13 at noon

                                  (Absentee, telephone and Internet bidding available)


Hallendy lectures:   Toronto, November 5 and Ottawa, November 12


Catalogue:              On-line, or printed copy on request


More information:    www.walkersauctions.com

1-866-224-5814 (Walker’s); 613-818-2100 (Ingo Hessel)

Reminder: The Pig Roast is April 3! Don’t Miss Your Chance to RSVP

Matt Nose

Low and behold we are holding a Pig Roast and Kitchen Party to celebrate the return of Spring and yet another successful trip around the Sun by our Rear Admiral – Matthew Swan.


When:   Sunday April 3, 2011

Time:     Begins at 1:00 pm

              Special presentations  

              at 3:00pm & 4:00pm  

Where:  Hedgerow Farm, 45 minutes north east of Toronto


What’s Special:           

  • Roast Pig on a spit, looks a lot like Matthew
  • Vegetarian Pig, that also looks a lot like Matthew
  • Lots of other great food offerings on the Potluck Tab 
  • Music, all afternoon from the AC musical family
  • Property Tours (See below)  
  • 32 two storey sauna, largest in the neighbourhood
  • Snooker Room
  • An afternoon of music headed up by Tyler Yarema’s Red Hot Players, Tom Kovacs, Washboard Hank, Dave Marshak and Rebecca Burgum the Karaoke master 
  • You :-) 

RSVP Now! 


RSVP is essential, please call us at (905) 271-4000, toll-free at 1-800-363-7566 or email us at rsvp@adventurecanada.com. Please include in your RSVP if you intend to join one of our travel sessions.  


We will supply a map with your confirmation.


Contributions for salads, dessert and wine pot-luck table welcome, but not required.


Admission is, of course, free.

Only Two Spots Left on our Haida Gwaii Adventure!

Haida Gwaii is an amazing area with over 100 islands, beautiful forested creek walks, rugged exposed headlands, and protected passageways between towering mountains. Theories suggest that parts of Haida Gwaii escaped the last ice age, forming a glacier refuge for certain forms of plant and animal life. How else to explain the presence of plant species found nowhere else in the world, and noticeably different sub-species of bird, fish and mammal? The Queen Charlottes provide a remarkable evolutionary showcase – thus, their description as the "Canadian Galapagos". Guided by Haida Watchmen, we will journey through history as we visit ancient Haida Villages lining the BC Coast. Small ship travel through this unforgettable landscape allows us to voyage to places not reachable by land. We wind our way through the archipelago to enjoy all this beauty…All aboard!


July 15-24, 2011 aboard the 14-passenger sailboat, the Island Roamer. 


For more information, please click here or email Judy, judy.harper@adventurecanada.com

Explore Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula this Summer!

The Avalon Peninsula has been rated by National Geographic Traveler magazine as the world’s number one coastal destination. Come experience it first hand with photographer and naturalist Dennis Minty and his partner Antje Springmann. On this small group tour, they will take you to the heart of the most easterly corner of North America, still largely undiscovered by the vast majority of travellers. It is a tour for photographers of all levels, their companions and the artistically-minded. Book soon, their Gros Morne National Park and western Newfoundland tour is already sold out!


July 17-23, 2011


For more information,  please click here or email Judy, judy.harper@adventurecanada.com

You can also join Dennis in the Arctic this year on our Greenland & Wild Labrador Expedition.  Check out his tribute to Polar Bears by clicking below.

Polar Bear Tribute
Polar Bear Tribute

Upcoming Arctic Nuts & Bolts Sessions!

Have you been thinking about enjoying the splendours of the Arctic?  Join us for an information session on the nuts and bolts of Arctic travel.  How to get there?  What to expect? What to wear? Join us at one of our upcoming events to meet our team, learn about outstanding travel opportunities in Canada and have some fun!


April 18    @ Canmore Public Library, Canmore  (with AC staffer Jerry Kobalenko)- 5:30 pm

April 20    @ University of Calgary, Calgary (with AC staffer Jerry Kobalenko)- 7:00 pm

May 4      @ Atwater Library, Montreal – 6:30 pm

May 5      @ Valberg Imaging, Ottawa – 7:00 pm

May 10    @ Fort Garry Hotel, Edmonton – 7:00 pm

May 12    @ Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver – 7:00 pm

May 14    @ Victoria Central Library, Victoria – 2:00pm

May 24    @ Prince George Hotel, Halifax – 7:00 pm

June 13   @ The Horticultural Society, New York – 7:00 pm


RSVP for each event is necessary.  Please send an email to rsvp@adventurecanada.com (Please put the location in the subject line) or phone 1-800-363-7566. 

Congratulations Michelle Valberg!

In January, Michelle was awarded the "Order of the Good Bear" by the Children’s Hopsital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Foundation for her work and dedication to CHEO over the years. Congrats Michelle!


For those visiting Ottawa over the coming months, don’t forget to visit Michelle’s Arctic Kaleidoscope at the Canadian Museum of Nature.


Check out her promo video below:


Arctic Kaleidoscope - The People, Wildlife & Ever-Changing Landscape
Arctic Kaleidoscope – The People, Wildlife & Ever-Changing Landscape

For more information on the exhibition please click here.


Michelle will be joining us on our sold-out 2011 Into the Northwest Passage Expedition. 

Updates from Ian Tamblyn

Ian Tamblyn

Ian is currently touring Canada’s West Coast; upon his return Ian will continue to work on Part 3 of the Four Coast Project – The Arctic: Walking  the Bones of the Past.

Ian has also just published his first songbook, Voice in the Wilderness. It features fifty songs and chord charts, open tunings and online links to his songs. The collection is published by North Track Records, and is available through www.tamblyn.com or North Track Records, Box 68 Station B, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6C3 .

Ian  will also be a guest at the Kingston Writer’s Festival, in Kingston Ontario on April 10th.

Join Ian aboard the Clipper Adventurer this Summer on our Atlantic Arts Float.  For more information, please click here or email Sheryl Saint at sheryl@adventurecanada.com

Marshall Dane Tour Dates!

AC Musician Marshall Dane touring Ontario over the coming months!  Check out his schedule below:

March 16:  opening for Doc Walker, Ottawa


March 26: Junofest, with Dean Brody El Macombo, Toronto,


March 25 – April 10:

Joining the Rowdy Boys Tour with Gord Bamford and Aaron Pritchett


Aprill 22, 23: The Corral, Oshawa


May 13: Habitat For Humanity, North Bay


Please visit www.marshalldane.com/tour for more details