Arctic Quest: July 23 – August 2, 2010

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Andrew Stewart - Northern Lights

The timeless lure of the North has drawn many to the upward reaches of our planet. The aurora borealis, the ice, the marvelous creatures, the midnight sun, the endless landscape are all a part of the magneticism that beckon us, calls us forward on our quest.
Our classic Arctic expedition, Arctic Quest, connects areas of great cultural, historical and natural significance.  Beginning in Greenland we sail as far north as Ilulissat, before crossing over to Nunavut, Canada.  Here we will have ample
time to explore the massive fjord complexes, rolling tundra and hospitable communities that dot the coastline.  The waters will only recently have undergone the break up of the
winter ice.  This natural phenomenon presents outstanding opportunities for viewing wildlife – marine mammals, polar bears and walrus in particular. Birders and botanists alike will be thrilled by populations and species at their peak.

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