A visit to Foula, Shetland


Janette Cowie, Head Teacher at Foula Primary School in Shetland, sent this lovely note and photo following a visit from passengers and staff of Adventure Canada’s Scotland Slowly cruise.

On behalf of Foula Primary School, Shetland, Scotland, I would like to
thank you for organising the shore visit from the Sea Adventurer to Foula
yesterday.  We had an open day in the community hall, and the children
sold cards, tea towels and booklets to the passengers.  We also had
donations for tea/coffee and homebaking.  Thanks to your very generous
passengers, our school fund is now £325 better off.  It was a fantastic
day.  We are the second most remote school in the UK, so it was great to
have so many people here.
Thank you again for having Foula as one of the Sea Adventurer’s stops.
Kind Regards
Janette Cowie
Head Teacher
Foula Primary School, Shetland, UK

We often hear from passengers who rave about the time they’ve spent in our remote community destinations. But it’s a pleasure to hear that same special story from the opposite perspective. Thanks Janette.

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