2nd Annual Polar Dip!

Join us in Port Credit as we take a dip in the Credit River in honour of Robert Burns’ Birthday!

Arctic Polar Dip
Sunday Jan 24, 2010

Where:  A.E. Crookes Headland at Lakefront Promenade Park (across from the Port Credit Yacht Club)

2:30 pm
follow by addressing the Haggis, Poetry  and Music at The Harp, 55 Lakeshore Rd. East, Mississauga.

Swimming, Cold water, Madness, Bagpipes, Whiskey, Music, Madness, Poetry and Madness. Celebration of 251 anniversary of Burns the Bard.

Swim Team Captain:  Shelagh Rogers, CBC Radio Host

Music: Paul Quarrington, Tom Barlow, players from the Yorktown Ukulele Jam

Dram Dispensers:  Paul Quarrington, historian Ken McGoogan

Please RSVP to rsvp@adventurecanada.com or phone 905-271-4000; make sure to let us know whether you’ll be dipping, spectating or joining us at the Harp for the post-dip celebrations. There will be a Special Food Menu for the Adventure Canada group available from the Harp.

We ask that all dippers to contribute a $5 donation to Distress Centre Peel.

When Adventure Canada President Matthew Swan was interviewed about this upcoming event, he got excited, so excited that he provided numerous print-worthy quotations. These quotations were so notable that we’ve included them all:

"Robert Burns never swam in Port Credit, but we wish he had"

"Cold water swimming is madness….but these are mad times"

"7 days of no swimming makes 1 weak"

"Go in hard, come out wet."

"Swimming: From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it."

"75% of our planet is water… can you swim??"

If that isn’t inspiring enough, here are some more reasons for you to take the dip next Sunday:

Bathing in cold water is not new – the Romans adopted the practice as a cure for stomach problems and headaches. It is believed to supercharge the system, improve breathing and muscle tone and decrease fatigue, and has also been claimed by some participants to improve thyroid function and skin tone, and aid constipation.  Other evidence illustrates its benefits as a
performance enhancer.

Join Shelagh Rogers on our Greenland Explorer Expedition. For  more information please click here.

After you’ve conquered the Port Credit Dip, why not take a refreshing dip in the Arctic Ocean? Join us on any of our 2010 Canada and the North shipboard expeditions for your chance to earn your official Adventure Canada swim team patch!

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