Carolyn Mallory’s Insects of Nunavut


Common Insects of Nunavut

Hairy bees and vegetarian
black flies are just a few of the quirky
creepy-crawlies that can be found throughout the North and while insect
lore is a topic that makes many squeamish, Carolyn
Mallory is fascinated by the tiny creatures and the ways which they
adapt to the harsh Nunavut climate.

Carolyn is in the final stages of her book titled "Common
Insects of Nunavut", which will identify bees, butterflies and
everything in between. 

Join Carolyn on our Out of the Northwest Passage Expedition.
For more information please click here.

For our 2010 Arctic
Adventurers – keep your eyes peeled for your Canada and the North
Expedition Guide featuring an excerpt from Carolyn’s first book, "Common
Plants of Nunavut".

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